Sunda’s Hidden Talent

Everybody knows that after dining at Sunda they will leave with weak knees, a smile on their face (perhaps a little honey-ginger glaze, too) and if you’re like me, a buddha belly to boot.  Sunda has damn good food–that’s no secret.  But harmonious, sweet and savory Asian fusion flavor (say that five times fast) isn’t the only thing they do well.  I just discovered that Sunda has another specialty up its sleeve…  They know how to host an exquisite event.

I recently attended the venue showcase at Sunda and was blown away by the lengths they go to in pursuit of  providing a perfect experience.  Sunda’s attention to detail has always impressed me, but that night I found a whole new body of evidence.  Visually, the event space was stunning.  Strategically placed lights illuminated the gorgeous flowers, vibrant table cloths, and monstrous, skillfully crafted ice sculptures.  The room was truly brought to life.  Naturally, my eyes were drawn to the gorgeous pink and orange hues of fresh tuna and salmon.

The staff’s attire was beautiful as well.  They wore traditional asian clothing, which was subtle yet festive.  Wait… this isn’t a fashion blog.

Service.  The service was exceptional.  You could tell that every single thing was under control.  They had staff monitoring the room, and staff monitoring the staff that was monitoring the room.  I had the urge to start overturning tables just to stir things up, but out of fear that they could hear my thoughts and already had a backup table ready in the back, I refrained.   They were so well-prepared that it felt like nothing could go wrong, and I appreciated that.  I felt very well taken care of.

I was also very well-fed.  Buddha and I must have been destined to have twin bellies.  From the sushi array, to the lo mein noodle stir fry booth, to the carving station, to the passed appetizers, it was impossible to leave hungry.  My favorite new discoveries were the corn fritters, salmon bundles, and beef lollipops.

With every visit, Sunda continues to outdo itself.  The venue showcase exposed me to an entirely new side of the restaurant–literally, I had never seen the upstairs banquet space before.  Needless to say, I was extremely pleased.  In addition to knowing that I love Sunda’s food, I now know that a party they throw is a party I want to be at.

Moral of the Story? If anyone is hosting an event at Sunda soon, feel free to throw an invite my way…  My email address is KaraLichtens… Just kidding.  I am way more mature than that.

But seriously.  Call me…

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